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October 2022

Pool fence cleaning

Posted By ,
11/10/2022 13:41 PM
Protect Your Pool Fence with EnduroShield   While a clean, clear swimming pool can greatly raise the appeal of a home, a poorly maintained one will likely have the opposite effect. It’s a...

Hotel cleaning

Posted By ,
11/10/2022 13:25 PM
EnduroShield for Hotels and Other Businesses   In these blog entries, we’ve tended to concentrate on the many benefits of protective coating EnduroShield for homeowners. But it’s worth pointing...

Laundry splashback

Posted By ,
11/10/2022 13:18 PM
EnduroShield in the Laundry   While many happy customers swear by space-age protective coating EnduroShield in the kitchen and bathroom, it should be remembered that a lot of the reasons why our...

Cleaning EnduroShield

Posted By ,
11/10/2022 13:02 PM
A Reminder on How to Clean Your EnduroShield   The ultra-long-lasting invisible coating of EnduroShield protects glass, ceramics and stainless steel, while cutting out the need for harsh...

Cooktop cleaning

Posted By ,
11/10/2022 13:00 PM
EnduroShield for Cooktops, BBQs and Kitchen Appliances   Cooktop cleaning isn’t fun. BBQ cleaning is even less fun. And kitchen appliance cleaning is never fun, either. Thankfully, because all...

Windscreen clarity

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11/10/2022 13:00 PM
Enhance Your Vehicle with EnduroShield   If you’re a car owner, boat owner or both of those things, a coating of revolutionary product EnduroShield will bring a number of long-term benefits. As...

Clean mouldy tiles

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11/10/2022 13:00 PM
Fight Mould, Stains and Streaking with EnduroShield!   We all have those parts of our homes and workplaces that we struggle to keep presentable – not to mention hygienic. It could be constantly...