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Pool fence cleaning

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13:41 PM

Protect Your Pool Fence with EnduroShield


While a clean, clear swimming pool can greatly raise the appeal of a home, a poorly maintained one will likely have the opposite effect. It’s a similar situation with glass-panel pool fences, which can either complement or, when cloudy/grimy/stained, completely ruin the view of the pool. For this reason, it’s important to keep your pool fence looking its best at all times. And one way to make that job much, much easier is by giving the glass sections of the fence an invisible coating of scientifically proven product EnduroShield.


Pool Fence Cleaning is Easier with EnduroShield


Glass-panel fool fences that have been allowed to “go bad” can take serious scrubbing and powerful cleaning products to return them to anything near their original appearance. However, pool fences that’ve been treated with EnduroShield take little effort to maintain, which should ensure they never deteriorate to such a poor condition. Here are our recommendations as far as pool fence cleaning:


For Areas with Soft Water


  • Hose glass panels thoroughly to remove salt deposits.
  • Wash glass with water and a mild detergent (e.g. washing-up liquid) using a lamb’s wool applicator, then dry with a squeegee.
  • Dry glass edges with a lint-free paper towel and you’re done!
  • Note that EnduroShield Professional Squeegees are available. Our EnduroShield Microfibre Cloths are also great for wiping off more stubborn stains.


For Areas with Hard Water or Bore Water


  • Spray glass panels with a solution of white vinegar and water (1:5 or stronger for extreme hard water areas) to soften/loosen deposits.
  • Allow a little time for this process to work.
  • Wipe off deposits with a damp sponge.
  • Note that attempting to clean too soon may result in damage to the protective coating due to salt abrasion.


General Advice Regarding Pool Fence Cleaning


  • Don’t use harsh or abrasive cleaners on your EnduroShield-treated glass panels.
  • Don’t mix pool chemicals near the glass as spillage of undiluted chemicals may result in damage to the protective coating.


EnduroShield Provides Pool Fence Protection


When swimming pools are being used or even just cleaned, glass-panel pool fences are right in the “firing line” from splashing with hard water, salt and other chemicals. That’s where EnduroShield comes in. It provides pool fence protection through its property of repelling water, oil and other particles. This serves to prevent streaking, staining and corrosion on the glass panels.


Furthermore, the oil- and water-repelling ability of EnduroShield helps to reduce the build-up of mould and potentially harmful bacteria.


The Only Pool Fence Coating You Need!


First, the good news: EnduroShield is suitable for all types of glass-panel pool fences. Actually, there’s more good news in the fact it only needs to be applied once, and you won’t have to mess around removing panels.


EnduroShield is also reasonably priced – especially when compared to the drastic step taken by some swimming pool owners whose fences are “too far gone”, where they buy a whole new glass-panel pool fence. With an application of this revolutionary product (and minimal cleaning), you can avoid ever reaching said drastic situation.


Yes, the ease of cleaning, protective properties and long-lasting nature of EnduroShield add up to make it the only pool fence coating you need.


For More Information About EnduroShield…


You can contact us by phoning 1300 720 106 or submitting an online enquiry via the form found here. Depending on your preference, EnduroShield can be professionally applied by our team to your tiles, stainless steel/chrome surfaces and glass, or applied by you with a DIY kit.