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Windows & Doors

Glass windows and doors are a wonderful feature to any house that provides beautiful views to the surrounding areas. For house’s that are close to the beach or waterways windows can easily be stained with airborne salt contamination or hard water.


EnduroShield can solve this issue for you, with our professional glass restoration service which will restore the glass to a new condition. EnduroShield is then applied to protect the glass from further etching.


The glass restoration and EnduroShield process is well below the replacement cost and will protect the glass from etching or staining again.


Features & Benefits

  • Cost effective against replacement cost
  • Clean looking glass looks great
  • Superior Protection - assists in reducing both corrosion and tea staining caused by the corrosive effects of chemicals, salt and hard water
  • Suitable for all windows and doors
  • 'Once Only' Application
  • Make cleaning a breeze


Extensive testing has proven EnduroShield to be highly durable. A genuine 10-year limited warranty is provided for all glass restoration and EnduroShield applications


How to Order

To book your EnduroShield easy clean glass application or a free onsite quotation call our friendly staff at our office on 1300 720 106