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Windscreen clarity

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Enhance Your Vehicle with EnduroShield


If you’re a car owner, boat owner or both of those things, a coating of revolutionary product EnduroShield will bring a number of long-term benefits. As explained below, these will not only increase your safety, keep the vehicle in question looking its best and cut down on the maintenance required, they represent an eco-friendly option, too. Let’s look into how an invisible layer of EnduroShield can enhance any car or boat.


Increase Windscreen Visibility


If you’re after windscreen clarity, EnduroShield is the answer. A coating on the front window of your car or boat creates a non-stick barrier that causes rain and sea spray to bead and then be easily swept away by the airflow (and any wipers). In doing this, it also prevents the build-up of particles on the glass, e.g. dirt, salt crystals, oil, bug parts. Frost and snow will be repelled as well, thanks to the reduced adhesion caused by the EnduroShield.


There’s no reason why the rest of the vehicle’s windows can’t be treated with EnduroShield, too. The same water-repelling properties will improve their windscreen clarity. You’ll really notice the difference in driver vision in wet weather and at night, and appreciate the added safety this brings. After all, good windscreen clarity ensures you are able to react to any potential hazards on the road or on the water in plenty of time.


Protect Against Corrosion and Other Staining


Car corrosion and boat corrosion don’t just ruin the appearance of the vehicle and lower its potential value, they can develop into serious problems if allowed to worsen. Fortunately, EnduroShield protects both glass AND steel, inhibiting the chemical processes that lead to corrosion and other staining in the first place. This is especially important in the marine environment, where a boat’s fittings, etc. may be constantly exposed to salt water.


If you want to safeguard against car corrosion and boat corrosion, consider an application of EnduroShield on all of the relevant areas. Don’t accept that stains are inevitable “signs of wear” simply because the vehicle is getting regular use – the trick is to stop them before they even start to form!


Easier Cleaning


Surfaces coated with EnduroShield are kind of like non-stick cookware, with unwanted solids and liquids wiping off easily. Indeed, a regular going over with a gentle cleaning agent and soft cloth are usually all it takes to maintain the parts of a car or boat protected with EnduroShield.


Along with saving you time, a big bonus of this easier cleaning is you won’t need to buy harsh cleaners (which are usually more expensive) and they won’t then end up going into our waterways. So, the environment benefits as well as your free time and your wallet!


For Further Information About EnduroShield…


You can contact us by phoning 1300 720 106 or submitting an online enquiry via the form found here. Depending on the job, EnduroShield can be professionally applied by our team or applied by you using a DIY kit. As well as improving windscreen clarity and helping prevent corrosion in vehicles, it has umpteen applications in and around the home.