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Clean mouldy tiles

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13:00 PM

Fight Mould, Stains and Streaking with EnduroShield!


We all have those parts of our homes and workplaces that we struggle to keep presentable – not to mention hygienic. It could be constantly mouldy tiles in a steamy kitchen, bathroom or laundry. It might be badly stained metal surfaces used for a lot of cooking or some other type of work. It may be streaky glass that’s always being smeared and smudged by human interactions and nearby activities. These problem areas can seem like a losing battle…until you consider EnduroShield.


Don’t resign yourself to a never-ending struggle cleaning/sanitising such trouble spots, have a read of what a long-lasting invisible coating of the amazing product EnduroShield can do to help…


Clean Mouldy Tiles Easily with EnduroShield


Mouldy tiles not only look awful, we instinctively know they are unhealthy to be around. They are definitely not something we want where we prepare food, perform personal care or wash our clothes and bedding. Thanks to the scientific properties of EnduroShield, all water, oil and various sorts of residue are repelled from tiles to which it has been applied. This means you can clean mouldy tiles with a quick wipe.


Prevent Stained Metal with EnduroShield


Clean, shiny metal looks fantastic. Unfortunately, few stains catch the eye like those on a metallic surface, whether they are caused by corrosion, oil or a sticky residue. Fortunately, the protective qualities of EnduroShield deter the substances that lead to rust, discolouration and so on from adhering. On top of that, when stainless steel/chrome is coated with EnduroShield, keeping it in tip-top shape is a simple matter of giving it the occasional once-over with a soft cloth and light cleaning agent to prevent stained metal.


Prevent Streaky Glass with EnduroShield


Put simply, there is no point to dirty glass – to windows you can’t see through properly or mirrors that don’t give a perfectly clear reflection. As already stated, two of the benefits of EnduroShield are the way it repels both liquids and solids, and the amount by which it reduces cleaning time (and, for that matter, money spent on cleaning gear). Prevent streaky glass by giving it an application of EnduroShield. You’ll soon notice that it doesn’t suffer the same level of streaking and is a doddle to maintain.


For Further Information About EnduroShield…


You can contact us by phoning 1300 720 106 or submitting an online enquiry via the form found here. Depending on your preference, EnduroShield can be professionally applied by our team to your tiles, stainless steel/chrome surfaces and glass, or applied by you with a DIY kit. A single coating should give you years of protection. It’s time to start winning that battle against mouldy tiles, stained metal and streaky glass!