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EnduroShield for Restoring Glass and Removing Scratches

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EnduroShield for Restoring Glass and Removing Scratches


When we think of revolutionary invisible coating EnduroShield, the first thing that usually comes to mind is protecting “problem areas” of our homes/businesses such as shower screens and kitchen splashbacks, and reducing the amount of cleaning these require. That’s obviously a great thing. However, this scientifically proven wonder product can also be employed as part of the processes of both glass restoration and glass scratch removal. This blog article will explain the use of a one-time-only, non-stick EnduroShield coating in glass renewal in a number of common settings.

What is Involved?


Firstly, EnduroShield Queensland will inspect the section of glass in question, let you know whether it can be restored (it may be too damaged/old) and tell you up front what the cost will be. If glass restoration is indeed possible and you are happy with the price, we will then go ahead with the renewal.


Glass restoration normally only takes 1-2 hours, during which time the glass will not need to be removed from its surrounds. Note that the glass must then be left untouched for another eight hours before it is completely safe to expose to water, etc.


When it comes to glass scratch removal, EnduroShield Queensland proudly partners with restoration expert Jaxon Sutton of 1st Choice Fix.


Where Can it Be Carried Out?


The settings where glass restoration with EnduroShield can be carried out include:

  • Shower screens – These can become unsightly from being constantly bombarded with water, oils and chemicals.
  • Pool fencing – As above, except it’s hard water, pool salt and other chemicals doing the harm.
  • Glass doors, windows and balustrades – Often exposed to hard water and airborne salt, and can suffer due to being hard to reach for cleaning.
  • Decorative glass – May be part of, say, a water feature, and which there’s no point having unless it’s looking its best!
  • Marine glass – We’ve talked before about how boat windscreens/windows are constantly bombarded with salt water and marine oils.


What Are the Advantages?


  • Glass restoration and glass scratch removal with EnduroShield are cheaper than replacing the item/s being renewed.
  • It’s also a faster, easier solution.
  • Going forward, the glass area will be protected by EnduroShield from further degradation, making it more resilient than it was originally!
  • The glass will be easier to keep clean than was previously the case, too.
  • EnduroShield comes with a genuine 10-year limited warranty as regards applications as part of glass restoration.
  • What was “problem glass” will once again give unspoilt views!



More Information About Glass Renewal Using EnduroShield…


You can contact us by phoning 1300 720 106 or submitting an online enquiry via the form found here. Popular around the world, EnduroShield is super useful both inside and outside the home (or business, notably cafes and restaurants). Depending on where it’s being employed and your personal preference, EnduroShield can be applied by our team or done by you with a DIY kit. Although, obviously, restoration-type work as featured in this article should be carried out by experienced professionals.