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EnduroShield + Stainless Steel = A Winning Combination

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11:59 AM

EnduroShield + Stainless Steel = A Winning Combination


An application of scientifically proven invisible coating EnduroShield is great for protecting stainless steel, keeping stainless steel clean and preventing stainless steel corrosion. This blog entry will explain how. Contrary to what some people may believe, stainless steel can definitely stain and even corrode over time, whether due to factors within the environment where it’s located or from the use of harsh cleaning products. Fortunately, there’ll be no need for those heavy cleaners with EnduroShield.


How EnduroShield Protects


If you’re worried about protecting stainless steel items around your home or place of business, the basic thing you need to know is that the proven oil- and water-repelling qualities of EnduroShield make it much harder for unsightly stains to form on the surface of the metal, let alone for any serious corrosion to build up.


How EnduroShield Aids Cleaning


Keeping stainless steel clean is considerably easier with EnduroShield. Forget harsh, time-consuming scrubbing. A gentle wipe over with a microfiber cloth (or a mix of mild detergent and water) is the only regular cleaning that treated items will require going forwards.


How EnduroShield Prevents Corrosion


We kind of covered this in a previous point, but essentially what a once-only coating of trusted product EnduroShield does is stop corrosion taking root in the first place. And, we’re sure you’ll agree, preventing stainless steel corrosion is greatly preferable to trying to deal with it after the fact.


But Wait, There’s More…


  • EnduroShield isn’t only suitable for brand-new stainless-steel items. It can provide all of the same benefits to existing ones (although they may need a little preparation before the EnduroShield is applied).
  • EnduroShield works indoors and outdoors, in just about any room of the house or other setting you can name. When it comes protecting stainless steel, it can be used to coat everything from kitchen cooktops to swimming-pool fences.
  • EnduroShield doesn’t require multiple treatments to be effective, and there’s a three-year limited warranty. Of course, it will continue keeping stainless steel clean and preventing stainless steel corrosion beyond this point (supported simply by the light cleaning we mentioned earlier).
  • EnduroShield doesn’t just safeguard stainless steel, it offers a health bonus, too. What do we mean? Well, an additional advantage of the oil- and water-repelling properties is that potentially harmful moulds and bacteria also have trouble forming on the stainless-steel items in question.
  • EnduroShield reduces the amount of harsh cleaning products that end up in our waterways, due to them no longer being required for maintaining the treated steel. This makes it an environmentally positive


For More on Protecting Stainless Steel with EnduroShield…


You can contact us by phoning 1300 720 106 or submitting an online enquiry via the form found here. Popular around the world, EnduroShield is super useful both inside and outside the home (or business, notably cafes and restaurants). Depending on where it’s being employed and your personal preference, EnduroShield can be applied by our team or done by you with a DIY kit.