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Commercial applications

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Commercial applications of EnduroShield


EnduroShield is a permanent non-stick coating that can be applied to a full range of glass surfaces including curtain walls, shower glass, railings, pool fencing and many more. Because of its many uses, EnduroShield is a welcome addition for commercial applications. If you are curious to know about the uses of EnduroShield in commercial settings, our team has put together a summary below.


Hotels & Resorts


One of the most common commercial applications for EnduroShield is for hotels. Most hotel room designs now involve more glass materials and surfaces, adding to their aesthetic. Aside from glass windows and curtain walls, many hotel rooms have stainless steel or glass surfaces. Hotel guests come and go, so it is essential to clean the rooms and surfaces to eliminate chances of contamination. Proven and tested, EnduroShield is the perfect non-stick coating for easier to clean and safer hotel rooms and surfaces.


Just like hotels, many patrons book resorts for their accommodation to relax and unwind. Because of their large size, it would be a challenge to keep many resort spaces and surfaces clean at all times. Guests also get to share common areas, so the risk of contamination can get extremely high. Thankfully, with the revolutionary EnduroShield permanent non-stick coating, cleaning bigger spaces will not be a hassle. The transparent coating protects surfaces from water and other stains making them easier to clean. Hence, EnduroShield is a time-efficient cleaning partner for commercial applications in bigger spaces like resorts.


Theme parks


EnduroShield non-stick coating is also a wise choice for commercial applications in theme parks. Many people share theme parks facilities, so cleaning theme park equipment regularly is essential to prevent contamination. Most theme parks house various equipment and facilities, so cleaning them will require time. With the help of EnduroShield permanent non-stick coating, cleaning theme park equipment will be a breeze. Its once only application feature makes spaces and surfaces easier to clean. Best of all, this permanent non-stick coating is also made of non-toxic materials, making it safe for use.


Why EnduroShield QLD is the best choice


Providing superior protection from various forms of staining and dirt, EnduroShield is the perfect partner for commercial applications. EnduroShield is 100% safe and environment-friendly, making it an excellent choice to provide cleaning solutions for commercial necessities. For enquiries on commercial applications, feel free to get in touch with our friendly Queensland team today or visit our website for our full range of services.